BEST LYFE: Rosh Khan

In everything we do there’s a lesson to be learned or gratitude to be derived. Rosh Khan dishes on his Best Lyfe and gives some advice as well. 

Best Mistake

Winging A Presentation – A few years back, I had the opportunity to give a presentation. I thought I had it “covered” so it wouldn’t be necessary to devote time towards in-depth preparation. But that was a huge mistake! I took the presentation for granted and “winged it”.
The lack of preparation showed – it was lacklustre and disorganized. So since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to deliver the best presentations possible. And it’s paid off. That ‘mistake’ (which I now refer to as a ‘progress bump’) helped me become a better speaker. Now I’m invited on stages around the world to give talks to those in the business and marketing community. 

Best Reason to Stay Up Late

Knowledge Consumption & Wild Ideation – There’s something about the wee hours of the morning that enable your mind to spring into action – to absorb material, generate ideas, and infuse passion into your projects. It’s the one time of the day I really look forward to!

Best Accomplishment to Date

Doing What I Love – It gives me absolute pleasure to travel around the world and connect with people from all walks of life. Whether I’m learning from them or helping to develop their life and business plans, it’s always a satisfying rush. And even better, when I connect with like-minded individuals who have great visions for the world, it makes one realize that anyone can be part of the wider movement to make the world a better place.

Best Guilty Pleasure

Tetris! This little game about blocks can keep me busy for hours! I’m known for being the “guy all about productivity” but when it comes to Tetris, all awareness of time goes out of the window. It’s just me and my blocks. Also, I’ve found that when my brain is engaged with Tetris, I can often think through complicated scenarios at deeper levels. In some way, I think it allows me to put my “conscious brain” on autopilot while I’m able to access the lower reservoirs of my mind.

Best Quote to Live By

“Business must be about profits but profits must be about purpose”

“Success is as easy as ‘don’t stop’.” – Ryan Lee

Dr. Rosh Khan is the owner and director of SocialRank and a Global Shaper.

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