skincare is also selfcare, mama

My SACH Skincare journey started in the month of May. Lately, skincare has become one of the many ways I take care of myself, skincare is very intentional for me. Sach is a skincare service in Guyana, with a collection of products that are cruelty free and GMO-free. Some of the products offered are facial bars, body bars, hair and beard bars, and toners. If you were to describe SACH to anyone, you would use only THREE words: Simple, Mindful and Clean.

I was introduced to the following products – Charcoal Cleanse Bar, Seaweed Silt Facial Bar, Mater Body Bar, Eucalyptus Tea Body Bar, Lime Light Shampoo Bar, Honeycomb Balm, Aloe Toner and Cobalt Facial Oil – and together we began a journey I enjoyed thoroughly, so did my skin. 


My routine commenced with cleaning, using the Charcoal Bar; pat-drying with the facial cleansing cloth [from SACH] and toning with the Aloe Toner – which I left to air dry. Once dried I placed 2-3 drops of the Cobalt Facial Oil and massaged onto my face – simple, clean, mindful.  

The Charcoal Bar left my face feeling and looking fresh, and clean = removing any dirt or residue. The Aloe Toner really helped to hydrate, whilst giving my face a bright glow (Bye bye filters?). The Cobalt Facial Oil is very light and perfect for individuals with oily skin, like me. I placed 2-3 drops of this amazing product directly on my face and then massaged it in. This is PERFECT for clarifying skin, refining pores and battling active acne. Use it to leave your face feeling moisturised and glowing! 


I also used the Honeycomb Hand & Foot Balm, this is definitely a must have! I take it everywhere with me. Having oily skin forces you to be hesitant with new products but once you apply the balm to your hands and feet it is like it’s not even there. No heavy or sticky feeling. It smells heavenly, goes on smooth and leaves you glowing! 

After using the body bars in my bathroom, I smell amazing, and so does the bathroom; especially the Eucalyptus Tea bar. This new selfcare activity is very soothing and helps me to really feel great and confident even when I feel tired and dull. You can never guess this by looking at her skin because she is glowing! 🙂

All that to say I highly recommend SACH Soaps products but you can check them out for a consultation and have them prepare a kit suited for your skin type. Make time for your skin, “Skincare is also selfcare” :-). 

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