My Anniversary staycation

The Herdmanston Lodge staycation package was something I had my eyes on for quite some time.  After writing “Normalize Luxury for Moms”, the desire intensified and I told my husband, ‘let’s do it.’ It was timely as we were celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. Fun Fact: I got dressed at Herdmanston Lodge on my wedding day, so the place actually holds a special place in my heart.

Herdmanston Lodge is an intimate heritage hotel located in the capital city, Georgetown, in beautiful Guyana. The lodge is peaceful and quiet making it the ideal place for couples to enjoy time alone. Lush green grass surrounds the compound and the sights and sounds of birds create the perfect atmosphere for solitude and adventure. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, [at their new cocktail bar ] and a wide collection of wines. They pride themselves on serving the very best in local cuisine – it’s no surprise that their pepperpot is to die for. 

For the first time since October 2019, my husband and I got to spend some time alone, without the children. It was refreshing! The staff and service at Herdmanston Lodge are beyond exceptional. They ensured that my weekend was an enjoyable and  relaxing one, from booking to check-out. The process of booking was smooth and easy, I used  Whatsapp (as a social media person this was pleasing) to organise everything. After checking-in we went to our room until it was time for the Friday night cocktail. The cocktail bar is located outside on the lawns, enabling you to have tasty drinks on the patio, as the sun sets. The cocktail bar menu also has the best bites to accompany your drinks – I had BBQ chicken and cassava fries (definitely a must have). My Bartender was Luke; Luke was super friendly and surely knew how to mix a good drink. Luke and his drink ‘Coco Man’ will have you at the bar laughing for hours. 

On Saturday, we woke up and got dressed for breakfast at 7am, because Pepperpot!! What’s amazing is that the daily breakfast menu at Herdmanston Lodge carries pepperpot. The menu was filled with a variety of tasty options but we went for pepperpot and omelettes. You can enjoy breakfast on the lawns or indoors. Again, I opted for the lawns to enjoy the green space, very serene. After breakfast we took a walk around the compound before heading back to the room to relax. 

I would recommend the Herdmanston Lodge staycation package to anyone. picture a weekend to just relax and enjoy delicious local cuisine, flavourful cocktails, and a tranquil environment, what more could you ask for? Add the excellent service by the staff and ease of organising. 

After my weekend, I felt so refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

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