On a Skincare Adventure

Self-care is skincare, I’m slowly embracing this truth. For work, I have been creating content about skincare products, the different kinds and their benefits. That work prompted me to think about my own skin and the care it was not getting. So I decided to get myself a stash. I bought the Clean and Clear Day and Night Face Cleanser (from DSL Cash and Carry) and developed a routine. Cleanse in the morning and again at night, simple. Well actually, I moisturise after my morning wash and I apply a mix of coconut oil and rose oil after my night time wash. I really feel like I’m in the game now. Having a health routine really helps to keep your skin clean, hydrated and glowing. 

A few weeks after I began this new adventure, I received a very generous gift from the Style Box filled with more skincare goodies, inside I found a Coconut and Peppermint Body Scrub from Body Essentials Organic Line and a Butter Bar from Eden Clay, both local skincare businesses. I never tried a scrub or a butter bar (whett) before, so I was very excited to dive into them. I did dive and boy were they both as invigorating and refreshing as the great Caribbean sea. The body scrub leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and smooth and the butter bar just melts in my hands, and leaves my skin feeling very silky. I strongly recommend them both. I use the body scrub once or twice per week and the butter bar I carry in my bag, in case my hands get too dry. The latter is perfect to use especially now, during the pandemic, as we wash and sanitise very frequently. 

As luck would have it, I then received a jar of Vanilla and Cinnamon Whipped Body Butter from Aura Organix. It was love at first application. It left my skin polished and smooth, and the scent is amazing. I vowed to stick with this and to throw away my lotions, it’s so good. I use this body butter daily. 

I’m a bit late to the party, but 2021 is the year I’ve decided to pay more attention to my skin and I am really happy that they’re a bunch of local brands killing it. The skincare industry in Guyana is swiftly taking off, with creatives utilizing scores of organic ingredients to produce truly amazing products. Kudo’s to them and please if this is something you’re crazy about, give them all a try. If You’re thinking about starting, here is a really good article from Allure Magazine to steer you in the right direction. 

What skincare products do you use?

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