Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine was filled with quite a few WTF moments. Let me tell you about them.

  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS – I attended a virtual meeting for a new group I’ve joined. The meeting featured a “Speed Networking” session. For those of you who don’t know, like speed dating that allows you a few moments to introduce yourself to a perspective match; speed networking provides a few minutes to introduce yourself (both personally and professionally) to a group, in a fun way. In this instance, first impressions are key. Nobody knows you, so this is your one chance to really sell yourself. I should mention that the group is one that thrives on service – the ability to serve and to provide much needed resources and support to vulnerable groups and to contribute to the eradication of a number of societal ills. So there we were introducing ourselves and getting to know each other. Then we came to an introduction that gave me pause. This person in their introduction, noted their birth date and went on to say “…and if anybody tries to get me, they would not get me on this day. If you (the organisation) have an activity planned or try to get me, you would not get me, I would not be participating”. Excuse me?! Listen, I am all for self-care and celebrating birthdays, but this is not how it is done, at your first meeting as a member of a group that thrives on service. You should be highlighting how you can add value to the group, and how interested in are in upcoming activities. Definitely not about your lack of participation (in your FIRST interaction).
  • LACKLUSTER LEADERSHIP – COVID-19 and our Ministers of Government – my GOD! Two ministers tested positive for COVID-19, we continue to preach about our national public health COVID-19 guidelines – which speak to physical distancing and wearing a mask. However, our Ministers continue to engage with groups and individuals as if computers and internet do not exist. And then some are on the ground without even wearing a mask. Is something wrong with me or is something wrong with the leaders of our country. Can we embrace technology, can we set an example, can we practice what we preach, can we wear a mask Hon. Mr Vickram Bharat? This is not a political post, this is saying that we should be leading by example.
  • INCONSIDERATE GUYANESE – Guyanese who blatantly ignore ALL COVID-19 guidelines. The ones who congregate at Durban Park in the name of exercise, the ones who gather on the seawall in the name of fresh air, the ones who travel in public transportation, three in a bar, with their mouths and noses visible – all without wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance. Why do we continue to operate as though COVID-19 is abstract and we’re immune to it?
  • ILL-SUITED COMMUNICATION – Companies wildin’ on social media. First, I saw the snickering and sharing of the post made by the Parliament of Guyana highlighting a useful tip on how to UNCLOG YOUR DRAINS. Definitely Parliament related! There are countless pieces of information we can post about parliament, why are we talking about drains? Then the post from Guyana Power and Light iNC. (GPL), a post that mimics a flyer for an upcoming party and not an inconveniencing blackout. First of all, it’s not a celebration, we are not happy about it, we are happy for the information, just give it to us. No frills, no fluff, just professionally. Who are the people managing these pages? What are their thought processes?
Yes. Was it good or bad? Is the post still up? Okay!
  • PEOPLE WHO JUST LIKE TALK” – People with no experience giving you advice on something they know nothing about. There are people with knowledge and then there are people who just like to hear themselves speak. Please always strive to be #1. Educate yourself, be mindful and considerate and share on what you know about. Some of us share information, and make people feel bad about it, but the information we share is unreliable and highly questionable.

Here’s to hoping that next week is safer and smarter. Happy Weekend!

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