Zoom etiquette for fruitful ENGAGEMENTS

As we embrace the new normal, a lot of our activities – such as meetings, webinars, trainings, and the like – will continue to happen virtually, using Zoom. While there are other services that can be used, many persons and companies have gravitated towards Zoom. But how do we ensure that we are fully utilising the elements that can make for productive and pleasant engagements.

Here are some particulars that you can employ/ be mindful of when using Zoom:

If you’re the host, please be sure to send the zoom link well in advance to the intended participants. Definitely not 10 minutes before the call.

For hosts and participants, sign in 10-15 mins before the call to ensure you get connected properly, and that your microphone and camera are working well. If you’re sharing your screen, ensure that you understand how this works and can do it well before you’re required to.

Try a virtual background if you current background is crappy or you just need to appear professional briefly, maybe you’re attending the meeting from the comfort of your bedroom or toilet.

MUTE YOUR MICROPHONE! Geeze! We don’t want to hear your background noise. The slightest noise is picked up on zoom. You can also intrepret the flow of the meeting, if your microphone picks up all the time or there are people talking or music playing in the background. If you’re the host, MUTE EVERYONE. Let them speak when they have to. Remember to UNMUTE YOURSELF, when it is your turn to speak.

Raise your hand or use the chat if you have a question and the current meeting format doesn’t allow you to interject whenever you have a question / comment.

Change your name from Samsung galaxy 4, please. We want to know who’s the real person on the call, this also removes the need for introductions, and makes roll call easier.

Add a professional photo. Even with your camera off we can still see who it is.

Keep an eye on the time if you’re using the free version. Many of us are using zoom for free and that only allows for 45 minutes of engaging. You wouldn’t want to lose everyone in the middle of the discussion or at an important discussion. However, if the time runs out, you can use the same link to restart. But still be mindful!

I truly hope that these little elements can help me to host and participate in productive engagements.

Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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