Plant At Home: Starting Your Kitchen Garden

Globally, as the world is grappling with COVID19, there is a call to flatten the curve, that is, doing all that is humanly possible to slow down the spread of the disease.

Persons are asked to stay home, practice physical distancing, wear their masks, wash their hands and sanitise frequently touched surfaces as often as possible.

Joining the call to flatten the curve, the Human Rights and Social Justice Commission of the Diocese of Guyana, in an effort to encourage persons to practice physical distancing and to stay home, has launched its “LEAN Greens Initiative”. LEAN means loving the environment and nutrition.

The initiative intends to urge parishioners to establish and maintain their kitchen gardens, so as to restrict movement to the market, and to allow for persons to enjoy their own greens, harvested in their own yards. The initiative also provides equipment and seedlings for its participants.

Launched in June 2020, the initiative has seen the participation of over 20 persons. At the launch of the event, the information below was shared, as a way of educating persons on how to establish their own gardens.

The information is very useful, so with the help of the Commission, we’re sharing it here with you, in hopes that you too would be encouraged to plant at home.

Blue and Green Self-Quarantine Guidelines Coronavirus Poster (2)

We urge you to consider setting up your own space, we must do all that we can do to flatten the curve, plant at home, pick at home, eat at home. Markets are often crowded and we should definitely stay away unless it is absolutely necessary.

We hope that the information above was useful? Do you have a kitchen garden? Is it something you would consider developing? For more information and tips on developing and maintaining your gardens, like Human Rights and Social Justice Commission of the Diocese of Guyana on Facebook.

Information complied by Dionne Barnwell, Environmentalist.

Featured image by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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