THE PLAYLIST: Beats by Drew

As clichéd as it is, music is life – for some people. This is definitely the case with “Drew Thoven”, Director and Producer at Kindred Republic – an independent record label and studio in Guyana. He writes, arranges live music, and composes music for film and games. On his YouTube Channel, Thoven describes himself as a “music freak”. His ambitious is to use his talent and love for music to transform the local music industry. I became fascinated with him after hearing him, not once but twice, releasing new music on Hits & Jams’ morning radio programme, Jumpstart. The two songs were exceptional, thus awakening my enthusiasm to become familiar with more of his music. My fascination coupled with my fondness motivated me to create this playlist. Thoven’s drive and genuine desire to develop music and local musicians is remarkably evident in the frequency and quality of the music he produces.

If you’re wondering how he intends to put Guyana on the map, just listen to the following four songs in this playlist.

Loner’s Lullaby ft. A-TayJah & Randy Kirton

Bad Like We ft. Jackie Jaxx & A-TayJah

Summa Jam ft. Calvin Burnett & Randy Kirton

Drop It ft. Jumo Primo

We definitely need to hear more of these songs on local radio stations – consistently!

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