Coconut and Coffee Body Scrub

By | Roland Beckles – Lamazon

I love coffee, so a body scrub made with coffee is definitely one I’d enjoy and share with others (you!) The coconut and coffee body scrub happens to be one of my favourite do-it-yourself home spa treatments. This combination has many health and beauty benefits and is just the treat you need after an exhausting week.

To make the scrub: Mix 1 cup of freshly grated coconut, 1 cup ground coffee and 1/2 cup brown sugar (or more sugar to intensify the exfoliation process).

Personally I like to do this every two weeks. I apply the scrub after I use my body wash. After my body is free from soap, I ensure that my entire body is laddered – from my face to the soles of my feet. Why I do it? As professionals, we’re so consumed with work and life that we forget to take care of our bodies. It is important that we refresh our bodies and our minds as often as possible, lest we burn out. And sometimes, our skin can certainly use a boost.

With the scrub, your skin gets treated to an exfoliation process that removes all dead cell. It exposes new skin that is more susceptible to absorbing nutrients. The ingredients used in the scrub are loaded with benefits. The caffeine in the coffee extracts extra moisture from the skin thus leaving you feeling fresh and firm. Of course, you’re aware that coconut being coconut is filled with plentiful nutrients, perfect for glowing skin.

I use the coconut and coffee scrub because I love to feel refreshed and rejuvenated and my skin feels absolutely wonderful after I’m done. This scrub can also be used for treating cellulite (the caffeine in the coffee), moisturizing the skin with vitamins (coconut), and healing sunburns. I’m sure there are many variations to this body scrub, but I am certain that the results are the same. Try it, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

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