10 Things You Need To Know About The Guyana Youth Business Trust (GYBT)

The Guyana Youth Business Trust (GYBT) is one of the few organisations in Guyana catering to the entrepreneurial development needs of young people. Many have business ideas but not enough know how or resources to get started. This is where the GYBT comes in.

Here are 10 things you need to know about the GYBT:

1. The Guyana Youth Business Trust is a unique institution that offers a collection of entrepreneurial services for young people. The Trust was established on the 24th February, 2000 by Dr. Yesu Persaud of the Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED). It has financed the start-up of youth-owned enterprises involved in agriculture, food processing, fishing, beauty salons, barber shops, workshops and many others.

2. As an entrepreneur with the GYBT you will gain access to free entrepreneurial development training, business mentoring from some of Guyana’s most successful Business men and women, non-collateral financing up to $800,000 and great networking opportunities.

3. GYBT services are available to persons between the ages of 18-35 who have a viable business idea, vocational or technical skills and a desire to operate a sustainable business on a long term basis.

4. Getting involved is simple. Visit the office with your great and innovative business ideas. Walk with a valid passport size picture and identification card (or passport) to have an interview with one of the business counsellors or any other member of the team. Get registered for the FREE entrepreneurial training and you’ll be alerted when the next class is available.

5. The GYBT has had notable successes – In 2012, the GYBT executed three entrepreneurial training sessions and successfully welcomed 21 new clients. The last training held in August recorded the highest total profit of $69,680 from all groups in a one day business activity. Last year the GYBT honoured some important entrepreneurs and mentors who have partnered with the organisation at their annual Business Cocktail and Award Ceremony. Persons honoured were – Mr Kwesi Barclay, Most Outstanding Male Entrepreneur 2012; Ms Stacy Andrews, Most Outstanding Female Entrepreneur 2012; Ms Sharon Alexander, Most Committed Business Mentor and Ms Denise Bentinck, Most Outstanding Business Mentor.

6. What’s next? The GYBT is currently registering persons for the next entrepreneurial development training, where potential entrepreneurs will benefit from topics such as Operations and Management, Personal Development, Marketing Strategies, Financial Planning, Records Keeping and building a Business Plan. The GYBT is in the process of establishing a document centre that will allow entrepreneurs to access computers, internet and printing at a very competitive price.

7. You might ask, what makes GYBT unique? GYBT is a very reputable lending institution that caters to the needs of young entrepreneurs by offering them various services. The organisation recognises that many young persons may not have immediate assets to offer as collateral for a loan therefore their flexible non-collateral loans are specifically designed for the youth. They also know that many of them may not have previous business knowledge and will need sufficient guidance, therefore they offer the entrepreneurial training and mentorship programmes geared to guide the entrepreneur into success.

8. Getting involved with the GYBT is a great experience! Past young entrepreneurs have benefited from regional youth business conferences where they networked with other entrepreneurs from a wide cross section of businesses. While many entrepreneurs may have the prerequisite experiences and knowledge about business some have confessed to their transformed view on life and in business as a result of becoming involved with the GYBT. The structure of the training sessions executed by the GYBT is geared towards helping entrepreneurs to develop necessary skills such as teamwork; it builds their confidence and enhances their public speaking abilities.

9. The GYBT is conveniently located 254 South Road, next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (within the same compound as IPED).

10. Get connected — Call them on 225-8949/ 2264675 ext: 127,129,183, 202, 229; visit their Website: www.youthbusiness.biz; like them on Facebook: Guyana Youth Business Trust and check out their videos on Youtube: GYBTrust

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