10 Things You Need To Know About Dressing For A Successful Interview

You’re just out of secondary school or university or maybe you’ve finally decided that you need to get yourself a 9-5 so you’ve applied to a number of businesses and you got that call you were waiting for, landing yourself your first interview. Now you need to – do some research on the company, know what they do and what they stand for, practice answering questions (find a friend or use your mirror) and very importantly, you need to dress the part!

Here are 10 Things You Need to know about dressing for a Successful Interview:

1. Do NOT wear jeans to the interview. I saw a young lady the other day heading out looking very stylish with her jeans and a blazer so I decided to ask where she was headed. She told me she was headed to an interview at … Demerara Mutual! Jeans to an interview … on a Monday is a definite NO NO! The key is to dress professionally if you want to dwell in a professional environment.

2. Ladies, do NOT wear your club dress – the one with all the simmer and glitters or the one with the cold shoulder, don’t even think about the one that stops right below your behind or the neon pink peplum. Have some  decorum.

3. Try SUITS! Opt for a decent yet fashionable pants or skirt suit, or a lovely dress and blazer. Go for something that oozes confidence and sharpness, solid colours should be considered.

4. Ladies, keep your makeup to a minimum. You’re going for a job but it’s not to join the circus. Easy on the blush and eye shadow, leave the pink and purple lipstick for the club (or Halloween). Red has a bold fierceness to it, so bring it on!

5. Skirts must not be too short so that when you sit you expose your lady parts. Have some class, ladies! You wouldn’t want to distract the male interviewer or annoy the female one.

6. Wear decent and comfortable shoes, forget those heel-less ones ladies, you don’t want to look like something out of a sci-fi movie at this very important interview and men, no sneakers, polish those shoes and step out smartly.

7. Go for a neat, professional hairstyle – mohawks, hot colours, shaved out sides and writing in your head are good for July-August and Christmas, not for your interview, remember you’ll be representing a company/ business you need to look the part.

8. Accessories make an outfit – for this occasion try subtle ones, pearls and watches are perfect, leave those overly fashionable necklaces and bangles for the club or date night. You wouldn’t want to distract your interviewer with unnecessary interferences.

9. First impressions count, a cliche but also very true. You wouldn’t want your first time to be your last time. Before you open your mouth to speak, the interviewers will be judging you based on what you’re wearing and how you look. Dress for success!

10. No FISHNETS, please don’t! Thank you.

All things considered, remember it’s absolutely important to look professional,  polished, neat and well dressed. Smile and Relax! Good Luck!

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