Be Healthy, Eat Clean!

Many times we’re so consumed with our gym/workout routine that we neglect to focus on one of the most important components of overall health and wellbeing – eating healthy! What you put into your body is exactly what will be reflected on the outside. Eat junk and your body will show it, eat healthy and your body and skin will glow.

 Interesting to note is that what we put into our bodies has much more to do with how our bodies look that the exercises we religiously do.  Basically, to eat clean or to ‘clean eat’ is to abundantly enjoy whole foods, natural foods – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins instead of pre-packaged, processed foods or fast food and lots of water.

When you make a conscious effort to utilize a ‘clean eat’ diet, you’re well on your way to:

          Decreasing body fat

          Decreased risk of health related illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, cancer

          Improved energy

          Increased lean tissue (muscle)

          Improvement in overall health

          Saving lots of money – clean eat foods are inexpensive

          Less consumption of pesticides, artificial food additives and preservatives, sodium and sugar

What you’ll need to start eating clean:

Fresh fruits and vegetables, what’s great to remember in this regard is that apple juice is not apple, try to use the fruits and vegetables in their natural form.

Lean meat – meat is good! Lean meats loaded with protein, which gives us lean muscles and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Whole grains, might not be a favourite of everyone, but it’s exactly what you’ll need for a healthy diet. Brown rice, breads and oats are all good options.

Water, water, water and lots of it, keep hydrated all day.

When you make the decision to eat clean, the process will not happen overnight. Plan ahead, rid your house of foods that might make you revert, stock up on choice products and take small steps, slow and steady!

Are you ready?

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MAGLYFEE, a Guyanese lifestyle blog, is the brainchild of Shemmypatty. Shemmy is a bad feminist, mother, creative, writer and lover of life.

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