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I recently went against the norm and braided my hair, in some Senegalese twists, and I can certainly say that I enjoyed every moment of it. My initial concern was sitting in a chair for hours and hours, luckily the braiding experience lasted a little over 2 hours. Now that I’m braided my concern was with styling, this too proved an easy task because I was able to do almost anything with my braids. Keeping them presentable is often times a struggle but when braiding you need to know that you’ll also need to secure some unusual beauty products (for example I don’t use gels but I needed one to keep my braids in check). I used Jamaican Mango and Lime – Braid, Twist & Lock Gel.

We’re approaching that time when lots of people go on vacation – braiding can help to ease the worry of combing your hair every day and it’s surely great for vacations which involve beaches and pools. Jamzone Summer Break is also ahead of us, you might want to try something different and trendy and braids certainly fit the bill. Also, braids can never go wrong as a protective style for damaged hair or for hair that might need a rest from chemicals.

Here are five styles that you can surely try in the upcoming months (the colour, length and whether you want it big or small is totally up to you) :

1. Kinky Twists


2. Havana Twists


3. Senegalese Twists


4. Box Braids


5. Cornrows


I got all these cool photos from braided beauties on Pinterest!

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