What To Wear On Your First Date

First impressions are lasting-  for this reason choosing the right outfit for your first date is crucial. Whether he invited you to a formal dinner or a casual get together/hang what you wear will determine whether or not there will be a next date.

 Dinner Date : This is where that little or not so little black dress that every woman should have in closet comes in. Your body type will determine how long or short your dress should be.  General Rule: it should not be more that 2 ½ inches above your knees. Whether you decided to wear a v-neck, tube, fine strap or an alter keep cleavage at a minimum.  Wear evening accessories which are usually subtle. A purse/clutch is necessary to pull off the classy look you should be striving for. You can wear your hair up or down, just not too big or too flat. Keep your make-up tight with natural lip and eye colours.

And if you like colours like me then dark blue, catalina blue, chestnut red, maroon, dark green or beige are ideal.

Hangout/Casual Date :  Go a little beyond your usual way of dressing casually.  I would do leather pants, jeggings or soft pants … however nothing is wrong with wearing demin on a casual date just throw out the t-shirt this one time and wear a dressy top. NB. Floral prints are a good blend of flirty and girly. If you’re going out in the evening add a pair of heels or dressy ballet shoes.

Dresses are also cool for casual dates, especially on sunny days.

Men love it when their women gain the attention of other men (they do), not when she is looking ratchet, but when she’s modestly dressed and still has an undeniable sex appeal.


Here are few things to bear in mind when choosing an outfit for your first date with your new guy -:

1.       You want him to think of you as a lady.


2.      Your attire speaks to your personality and lifestyle


3.      There is nothing wrong with dressing to impress


Additionally, if on your first date he invites you to go swimming, jogging, or paint balling please wear clothes specific to those activities.

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