Your Business on a Mac: FIVE Reasons why Mac is ideal for Business.

Businesses today need technology that works in a multiplatform environment runs the software they need, offers proven reliability and security, and delivers lasting value.

Although the Macintosh, for over two decades has been the choice of creative professionals, it is being adopted by more small businesses, a market segment that has traditionally been dominated by computers running Microsoft Windows.

If you’re a business owner or thinking of becoming one, you may be surprised by how useful a Mac can be and how it can save your company money in the long run. With a rich suite of applications included and powerful tools built in, the Mac is ready to go to work.

Here are 5 reasons why the MAC is ideal for business

1. Fits in and stands out

Having Macs in your office or shop sends a signal about your company’s philosophy: You understand good design and appreciate quality and simplicity. It could also signify how “with it” your company is, how creatively your employees think, or even how intelligently you manage the business. Because most of your customers likely use Windows PCs at home and work, the Mac they see in your office will make an impression. Then, every time they see an Apple advertisement, there’s a chance they’ll think of you.

Incorporating the Mac into your existing PC network is easier than ever with Mac OS X. Native support for Mac- and Windows-based networks means that you don’t have to deal with compatibility issues, and you can leverage your existing technology investments.

2. Includes built-in security.

Part of the reason businesses report more uptime with the Mac is because of the Mac’s built-in security features that keep viruses and malware at bay. A Mac won’t run Windows software right out of the box, so most of the malware lurking on the Internet won’t harm a Mac. The same goes with viruses that affect Windows users: With no version of Windows to run on, a virus will sit unused, unable to replicate itself.

3. Improves teamwork.

With the Mac, your business can collaborate more and spend less. The Mac helps keep your team coordinated and in sync with built-in solutions for email, calendaring, and contacts—all at no extra charge. And iChat—Apple’s built-in video conferencing solution —allows you to work with colleagues from across the hall or around the world—no need to get on a plane.

4. Helps you create videos with ease and flair.

With the Mac, it’s simple to create attention-grabbing videos that promote your business and wow your customers—all without complex applications, large budgets, or professional assistance. It also lets you create and share video content across multiple media, including the Internet, iTunes, iPod, and DVDs.

5. Makes a smart investment.

The Mac offers everything a business requires, with features that streamline computer administration, boost productivity, support collaboration, and enable digital content creation. And the Mac tops the charts in reliability and customer satisfaction. That means real value for your business.

To learn more about the Mac in business, contact the only Apple Authorized Reseller in Guyana, Global Technology Inc. Located at 210 Camp & New Market St Georgetown, Global Technology has a knowledgeable staff willing and ready to show you how the MAC can work in your business.

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