592 CliQue

Have you ever heard of 592 CliQue? Yes or no, I’m still going to tell you.

592 CliQue is a movement that was put together to display the talents of young Guyanese (residing in Guyana or overseas).  592 CliQue creates an avenue for young Guyanese individuals to have a positive environment for them to discuss or become engaged in fashion, music, partying, having fun, education and almost every other fun thing. 592 CliQue uses the platform of entertainment to give young Guyanese the power to express themselves in the best form they see fit.

The Playlist this week features five songs from four of the artistes representing 592 CliQue.

N.E.B592 – Get Mad (Make Your Man Go Crazy)
– (Rapper of 592 CliQue) “I am the ultimate optimist musician / rapper taking Guyanese music to the next level. I am the best at what I do, and I’m on the verge of greatness!” -N.E.B


PuMah 592 – Good Time – (The Founder / Musician of 592 CliQue) “Think of me as a Guyanese individual who took a different route in life. I’m the person that always sits back and thinks about what’s my next move, I’m also the one who keeps the group grounded.” – PuMah

Smiley (592) – Party Time – (Dancehall / Reggae Musician of 592 CliQue) “I’m a very unique person, and writing songs is my drug” – Smiley

N.E.B592 – Spit Game (Microphone Mathematics)

Shatta Youth – Gypsy Wining- 592 CliQue’s newest musician

What do you think of the guys of 592 CliQue?

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