7 Fun Things To Do With Your Significant Other On Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and flowers are “must haves” on the most romantic day in the world – we must never do away with them; however they must be supplemented with  another treat on Valentine’s day . Here are some traditional and unique ways to spend your Valentine’s Day this year-:

Go Kart Racing or Paintballing – Go Kart racing in Guyana? Sure! Many folks may not know but there is a Go Kart racing track in Guyana and if you’ve never gone it is a great idea if you are looking to have tons of fun on V-day.  Paintballing is becoming very popular in Guyana also, it’s a good idea if you and your significant other are on the  adventurous side.

Couple’s Treasure Hunt– Treasure hunts require a little planning in order to be effective, so ensure you have all your clues and prizes before you involve your partner.  Whether clues are given on cue cards, rose petals or via sms or email be sure to make them as raunchy as possible. You might want to  ensure that the finish prize is actually a gift and not just sex (joking, maybe not)

Spa Day – Treat yourself and your love to a day at the spa. Have the spa prepare a candlelit room for you with soft romantic music. While the aroma therapy massage will be the main course for the day, ladies ensure you introduce your guy to the oh so very important mani-pedi.fan8305054

Mini Vcay-  If you can afford it surprising your spouse with plane tickets on February 14th or the eve of Valentines is perfection. There are so many resorts right here in Guyana you can go to for fun, relaxation and Valentines TLC

Double, Triple, Quadruple Date… – Nothing is wrong with sharing a part of your V Day with other couples. Why not try a games night. With finger food, beers and cocktails on deck you can enjoy games like monopoly, cards, charades and “how well do you know spouse.”

Pop the Question – Guys if you’ve been with your girlfriend for a while and you’re thinking about sealing the deal then  Valentine’s day  is the ideal day to pop the question. Trust me she will be the envy of all her friends.

A Romantic Dinner and a Movie After – Romantic Dinner will never ever be an outdated Valentine’s treat as most women (and a few men) love to be wined and dined by their current love interest.  Dinner does not suggest an expensive restaurant- with a romantic setting but a home cooked meal can be just as romantic.  A chick flick or an action film or both after dinner is a splendid way to allow your food to digest and spend some quality time together before s-e-x.

Do note whether you have a bundle to spend or just a few dollars it is very important that you OD on quality time on St. Valentine’s Day. I do hope that I have given you some good ideas and you create fabulous memories from Valentines 2013.

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