People & Places

We all have that one place we love to frequent for a particular reason, don’t we?

MagLyfe caught up with a few familiar people and learnt about the places they enjoy for countless reasons.

1402967_10151927842129501_668824871_oName: Dr. Rosh Khan

Claim to Fame: Graduating medical school at the age of 23 and then shifting gears to become an internet entrepreneur to launch social projects around the globe.

How often do you go out? I’ve been told that I’m a “rare sight” on the social scene. I’m more appreciative of get-togethers with friends with stimulating conversation versus the get-down-and-party weekends.

Favourite place for swimming: Dora (Soesdyke-Linden Highway)

Why? I’m able to connect with nature in a way that a typical swimming pool wouldn’t allow.

Name: Keisha Edwards

Keisha Edwards - Sha Sha Designs

Claim to Fame: Designer & CEO of Sha Sha Designs

How often do you go out? Not often

Favourite place for ice cream? Brusters

Why? “I’m a huge fan of nuts and vanilla and they are the only place that I don’t have to buy the two and mix them together and if I don’t feel like that, there is quite a variety to choose from so what’s not to like about that…”

cb3Name: Christopher Barnwell jnr

Claim to Fame: National Cricketer; Vice Captain of the Guyana T20 team

How often do you go out? Occasionally,  but I attend the  social the Demerara Cricket Club has on the last Friday of every month.

Favourite place for Breakfast: Oasis Cafe

Why? “Because the meals are very similar to my grandmother’s (who is the best person to prepare breakfast for me) – tasty food, excellent customer service & nice atmosphere.”

Name: Michon Sukhoo-Pertabmichon

Claim to Fame : Runner up Guyana Model Search 2010, Miss Guyana Plus 2012; Medical Student at the University of Guyana’s Medical School

How often do you go out? Well with studies I try to have 1 day of relaxation a week mostly on the weekends but it doesn’t necessary mean clubbing or partying!

Favourite place for dinner? OMG

Why? “Well it’s a relaxing environment, love that there are different options to choose from, healthy eating because I can have a fresh salad with any choice of meats/seafood!”


Yaphet Jackman, Poet

Name: Yaphet Jackman

Claim to Fame: Poet, MC, Host of Verses & Flow;  Special Project Coordinator


often do you go out? I go out when I can, but to give it a time it’ll be “average”

Favourite place for drinks: Upscale Restaurant & Bar

Why? “It’s a very interactive atmosphere. Great music and Friendly staff”

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